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The Art Clay series of products are made of pure metal powders mixed with organic binders and water. It is an innovative pure metal clay product awaiting your creative flash of inspiration.  It allows the artist to mould and shape his/her design much faster and easier than traditional jewellery methods, but also allows the artists to combine both techniques.  It was created and patented by Aida Chemical Industries from non-toxic recycled materials.  When kiln, torch or stove top fired the binders burn away, leaving pure silver (99.9% silver), pure copper (more than 99.5% copper), bronze and gold (22K).   After firing at the proper temperature and holding time you will have a one-of-a-kind pure silver, gold, bronze or copper piece.

Art Clay looks, feels and can be manipulated like ordinary clay.  Art Clay can be rolled, sculpted, stamped, sanded, filed, engraved, drilled and pre-polished, all prior to firing.  It can be added to a variety of media: glass, ceramics, and porcelain to name a few. 

How Does The Process Work?

1. Mould: Mould the clay, moistening the surface if it becomes dry or begins to crack.

2. Dry: Let it air dry over 24 hours, or use a dehydrator or hot air dryer for 10-20 minutes. After the piece is dry, it has the texture of unfired ceramic.

3. Refine: File & emery the dried piece to the desired shape.  You can still add design elements or carve it to the dried clay.

4. Fire: Fire the piece according to each products specification.  Use an kiln, hand-held torch, or even a gas stove top.

5. Finish: Brush to remove the white binding agent from surface of the piece, and polish.